Ever since the GDPR has come into force, privacy has become an even higher priority. As a result, many organisations feel the need for qualified support. The Privacy Factory offers specific GDPR training courses to meet that demand. 

These courses train students, using the TPF methodology, to become data protection professionals and/or professionals qualified to discuss GDPR topics with their privacy teams. The training programme can be supplemented, if required, with online/offline meetings supervised by experienced trainers.


The focus is on GDPR compliance, during and after our training course. We see to it that you, as one of our students, gain practical GDPR experience in the course of your training. Having successfully completed the training, you will receive the TPF certificate and become a member of the online TPF network of privacy professionals. At that time, you may also decide to join the TPF secondment program.


Key in our training courses is the use of TPF Privacymanager, a SaaS tool which allows 24/7 GDPR accountability demonstration. Apart from this, you can participate in the TPF online community to exchange facts and comments on data privacy and GDPR compliance with fellow professionals.

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