The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European privacy law, active as of May 25 2018. Since it has come into force, organisations have been looking for specific support by privacy professionals, including data protection officers and privacy officers. We at The Privacy Factory supply certified consultants, trained at the TPF Academy.

Junior Privacy Consultants trainee – can be engaged for a period of four months
Mid-level Privacy Consultants – has been involved in multiple GDPR implementation projects
Senior Privacy Consultants – has managed multiple GDPR implementation projects


Your GDPR compliance falls short of the premium level? This is where a junior privacy consultant can make the difference, in his or her own organisation or orating as an external advisor. Because carrying out a practical assignment is part of our GDPR training programs. Always, the objective is active participation in your GDPR implementation project.


GDPR compliance is an ongoing process, during the implementation journey and beyond. If you are not yet using GDPR software, our TPF professionals can deploy Privacymanager, a SaaS tool, to schedule and document activities and monitor GDPR accountability within your organisation.

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