An easy and fun way to privacy awareness

As is the case with any specialised proposition, using the Privacy Manager effectively presupposes a certain level of professional knowledge. This is why the Privacy Academy, next to the DPO training module, also provides a web- and mobile-based privacy awareness training module for employees processing personal data.

Easy insight into the GDPR

This training has been especially developed for staff members involved in the processing of personal data. The objective of this training is to educate individual participants on the do’s and don’ts of all things related to the GDPR in their own time and at their own pace. This is achieved through periodically offering varying sets of multiple choice GDPR questions, including detailed feedback.

Desktop and mobile app

You can train privacy awareness on your desktop or laptop. But if you prefer to train while being on the road or waiting for someone, you can choose to use our mobile app.


We will be happy to assist you in setting up your customised Privacy Awareness Training

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