Privacy Consultant

Accountability requires access to the latest information concerning the GDPR and its daily implementation practice. The Privacy Consultant provides an online and/or offline GDPR support service, dealing with questions about:
  • creating and maintaining a register of processing operations
  • setting up training and awareness programs
  • managing en reducing information security risks
  • creating and maintaining privacy statements
  • managing and handling requests and complaints
  • setting up procedures for data breach management
  • monitoring new and excisting processing practises
  • collecting and maintaining means of proof
  • demonstrating the execution of all required privacy activities
role based platform

As each organisation is unique in the GDPR questions it is confronted with, a consultant needs to be knowledgeable both in terms of the GDPR and in terms of the organisation posing the question. With this profile in mind The Privacy Factory selects, on a customer-by-customer base, the advisor most suited for the organisation.

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